Guarantee of Claim Promissory Note

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This particular legal document or agreement of assignment is used to assist in a guarantee of claim promissory note . See other legal documents that you may be interested in at


GUARANTEE OF CLAIM-PROMISSORY NOTE WHEREAS the Lender has entered into a Contract of Loan and Hypothecs with [COMPANY NAME] (the Borrower) pursuant to which the Lender has made a loan in the amount of [AMOUNT] [COUNTRY] currency bearing interest at the rate of [PERCENTAGE %] per annum repayable in [NUMBER] equal consecutive monthly instalments commencing on [DATE] for the purpose of assisting the Borrower in the acquisition of [SPECIFY] and the Borrower has granted a movable hypothec without delivery on certain equipment described therein including without limitation the equipment so purchased in favour of the Lender the whole upon the terms and conditions set forth therein (the Contract);


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