General Power of Attorney

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This particular legal document or agreement of assignment is used to assist in articulating the terms for a general power of attorney. See other essential legal document templates for you and your clients here


GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY This General Power of Attorney (the Agreement) is made and effective [DATE] TERMS KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that this Power of Attorney is given by Client to Attorney and that the Client hereby appoints Attorney to be its attorney and to do in its name and on its behalf anything that the Client can lawfully do by an attorney including but not limited to; 1. To ask demand sue for recover collect and receive all sums of money debts dues accounts legacies bequests interest dividends annuities and demands of every type that are now or may later become due owing payable or belonging to Client and have use and take all lawful ways and means in Clients name or otherwise for the recovery thereof by attachments arrest distress or otherwise and to compromise and agree for them and acquaintances or other sufficient discharges for them; 2. For Client and in its nam e to make seal and deliver to bargain contract agree for purchase receive and take lands and tenements and accept the possession of all lands and all deeds and other assurances in the law therefore and to lease let demise bargain sell release convey mortgage and hypothecate lands and tenements on the terms and conditions and under the covenants as Attorney thinks fit; 3. Also to bargain and agree for buy sell mortgage hypothecate and in any and every way and manner deal in and with goods wares and merchandise chose in action and other property in possession or in action and to make do and transact all and every kind of business of every nature and kind; 4. And also for Client and in its name and as Clients act and deed to sign seal execute deliver and acknowledge the deeds leases mortgages hypothecations contracts charter


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