Equipment Lease Agreement Short

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Do you need an equipment lease agreement? Try this template. These other equipment related document templates may also be helpful to you and your business. And see these other operations and logistics templates here


This Equipment Lease Agreement is made and effective [DATE] (the Lease Agreement) The annual rental rate is [AMOUNT] and shall be paid up front in installments of [INSTALLMENT AMOUNT] each month beginning on [DATE OF FIRST PAYMENT] and on the first day of each subsequent month during the course of the term hereof at [ADDRESS FOR PAYMENTS] or at such other domicile as Lessor may elect from time to time. Any instalment fee not made by the [DAY] day of the month shall be well thought-out as outstanding and in addition to Lessor's other remedies Lessor may impose a late payment charge equal to [%] per month on any outstanding amount.


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