Assumption of Risk on Proposed Name

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ASSUMPTION OF RISK ON PROPOSAL NAME TO: [COMPANY NAME] 1. I have taken notice of the attached search report with respect to the proposed name and in particular of the names which are likely to cause legal or administrative problems later on. 2. In my capacity as representative of the Business being duly authorised for these purposes I hereby declare in its name that it shall undertake to assume all the risks of confusion with all corporate names trade names all assumed business or firm names or business styles all trademarks and all other names including those mentioned in the search printouts appended to the supplementary Annexure to the said search report. 3. This assumption of risk includes the duty to change the Proposed Name in the event that the [SPECIFY] should order the amendment of the Proposed Name after the assigning or granting or the cessation of use of the Proposed Name. 4. Lastly the Business acknowledges or shall acknowledge that the attached search report is based on facts known and declared at the time of the search and that new information may affect the preliminary findings made in this report.


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