New Account Welcome and Terms Letter

DO YOU WANT TO INTRODUCE YOUR COMPANY TO NEW CUSTOMERS? It’s important to let your customers be aware of your company your service and products. TemplateGuru has samples of Introduction letters to help you communicate with them professionally. TemplateGuru has samples of letters to help you communicate with them professionally. Read more…

Quality Scale Survey

Want to develop a QUALITY SCALE SURVEY? They useful to measure respondents agreement with a variety of statements that can help you understand your customers requirements. TemplateGuru has templates to help your business develop professional quality scale surveys. You can find many more useful template examples here

Positive Feedback on an Article

WANT TO WRITE A CONGRATULATIONS ON AN ARTICLE LETTER? A congratulation letter purpose in business serves to congratulate an individual or organisation on outstanding achievements. It’s important that the letter is written in a professional manner keeping in mind the business reputation. TemplateGuru has samples of templates to help you Read more…

How to Develop a Script

Want to develop TeleMarketing Script? You need to get your message across avoid being distracted by your listener and keep control of the conversation. Scripting your calls beforehand enables you to accomplish these goals. Download samples of how to develop a TeleMarketing script from TemplateGuru. You can find many more Read more…

Stock Certificate and Common Stock

Do you need to send common shareholders a share certificate? This template can be tailored to your specific needs. Other helpful shareholder related business document templates can be found here