Letter Confirming Purchase Order

A PURCHASE ORDER ISSUED ON ACCEPTANCE OF DELIVERY DATE LETTER is a commercial document offered by a buyer to a seller of a product or service depicting the agreed Delivery Date. Download templates from TemplateGuru to help you structure your Purchase Order Issued on Acceptance of Delivery Date letter with Read more…

We Accept Your Event Invitation

ACCEPTANCE OF INVITATION TO SEMINAR. A formal confirmation of acceptance of an invitation to a seminar serves to make certain that important details are not left out be the names place time etc. TemplateGuru has samples of letters to help you communicate with them professionally.

Introduction Letter

Are you on a sales drive? Try this introduction letter to introduce yourself your company and products to new prospects. There are many more awesome sales and marketing templates for you to browse through here. https://www.templateguru.co.za/templates/sales-marketing/

Rate your Company

Want to RATE YOUR COMPANY rating your company is import to understand and help highlight areas where you might need to improve in regards to customer listening. Download this questionnaire from TemplateGuru to assist with rating your company. You can find many more useful template examples here https://www.templateguru.co.za/templates

Merchandising and Marketing Agreement

WANT A MERCHANDISING AND MARKETING AGREEMENT? a Merchandising Agreement you lay out both parties’ roles and responsibilities including who maintains the rights to the item that you are licensing. You can define the geographical areas where the product will be sold length of the term and financial details such as Read more…

Distributor Agreement

WANT AN DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT? A distribution agreement is a legal agreement between a supplier of goods and a distributor of goods. The supplier may be a manufacturer or may itself be a distributor reselling another’s goods. Distribution agreements may be categorised as either exclusive or non-exclusive. Download a template from Read more…

Policy for Media Relations

WHY A MEDIA RELATIONS POLICY?A media relations policy is a measure to have consistency when communicating on behalf of the business and all should be in support of business. TemplateGuru has samples of templates to help you structure in a professional manner.